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Events and Exhibits

Press Release……………………………………………………….May 22, 2014

The public is invited to view the extensive collection of the Historical Society of Broad Channel on Sunday, October 19, 2014 at the VFW Hall on Shad Creek Road in Broad Channel from Noon until 5 PM. The town’s unique history is captured in artifacts, pictures, newspaper articles, documents, and letters, as well as written, audio and video reminiscences. Much has happened since the last Historical Day held the day before Sandy struck. Luckily, most of our collection was salvaged.

The 2014 Historical Calendar, which gives times of high tide (very important if you live in Broad Channel) will be on sale. The cover depicts scenes from Sandy. Also on sale will be the book Broad Channel by Liz and Dan Guarino, published by Arcadia Press. Dan is currently working on a book on Broad Channel for Fonthill Media in its “America Through Time” series.

And so, residents and former residents are encouraged to bring new material for the collection. Original pictures and documents will be copied and returned to donors.

The work of the Historical Society has been supported by sales of the calendar and book, as well as grants from NY State legislators and the New York Council for the Humanities. We are currently seeking funding to digitize our collection before the next hurricane strikes.

For further information, contact Barbara Toborg at (718) 474-1127. For a photo, email to