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1982 Land Sale & Deed Ceremony with Mayor Ed Koch

1994 Tribute to Councilman Walter Ward, filmed by Charlie Weitzman

1995 (?) Interview with Joe Carey

1996 Broad Channel Historical Day; Bay Views; NY1 (filmed by Denis Macrae)

1996 Interview with Charlie Howard

1997 Broad Channel Historical Day, filmed by Denis Macrae

History of Broad Channel Land Sale. 1999 interview with Dan Tubridy, Dan Mundy, Bill Mills and Frank Harnisher. Also present, Jane Tubridy and Barbara Toborg. Filmed by Fred Toborg

2000 �Anything Goes,� filmed by Denis Macrae

2000 �Kids Puttin� on the Hits,� filmed by Denis Macrae

2000 �Oz� from Margaret Wagner

2002 Channel 13 showing of �Other Islands of NY,� by Sharon Seitz and Stu Miller

2002 �Kids Puttin� on the Hits,� from Margaret Wagner

2004 �Yesteryear Caf� from Margaret Wagner

2004 �Puttin� on the Hits� from Margaret Wagner

2008 Broad Channel Historical Day from Jane Tubridy

(Year Unknown) P.S. 47 Student Interviews on Storms; NY 1; Grassy Point: filmed by Denis Macrae

BCAC 1961-97 filmed by Denis Macrae

BCAC Football 1960�s

2010 episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, filmed in Broad Channel

LIST OF Audio Tapes

1. 2004 Interview with Veronica Ward Quinn

2. 2008 Interview with Frances Magoolaghan

3. Series of interviews by Ron Prager, photographer and historian from Forest Hills.

Dan Mundy 9/10/00 and 9/12/00

Dan Tubridy 9/19/00

John T. McCambridge 10/18/00

Joe Cordes 11/9/00

Barbara & Fred Toborg 1/13/01

Father Charles White 5/22/01